HVAC Control System Installation, Security System Service & Lighting Control System Installation in Chicago, IL

Total Automation Concepts, Inc. simplifies building processes and allows for system automation in the workplace. Our solutions are becoming the standard for commercial operations in Chicago. As a building automation and control company, we elevate management and monitoring of a facility’s critical systems, achieving greater energy efficiency, comfort, safety, security, productivity and so much more. Tailored to suit the goals and functions of your operation, our solutions quickly pay for themselves in both time and cost savings.

Building Integration System & HVAC Control System Installation

Whether your priority is easier maintenance, better climate or lighting control, monitoring trends or lower operating costs, we accommodate all direct digital control (DDC) and environmental management system (EMS) projects. Contact us at 708-597-3143 to learn more about the many opportunities to take enhanced control over the various demands of your facility. Depending on the purpose of the building and your priorities, control systems vary in complexity yet always increase the value of your property.

Lighting Control System Installation in Chicago, IL | Building Automation System

Building integration system installation implements smart programs and controls that organize and structure the workplace, boosting productivity, allowing quick response to issues, providing vital information and catering to your needs with pre-set functions. The benefits of HVAC control systems, lighting control systems, security solutions, energy management services and more are absolutely invaluable. Streamlining requirements for success, Total Automation Concepts, Inc. is your network of support.

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