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Video Surveillance: See what is going on in your business – Let us help.

Total Automation Concepts, Inc. (TAC) uses a value-engineered video surveillance solution to monitor your facility around the clock. Our team works closely with yours to select optimal camera equipment with features required for the specific environment or use.

Total Automation Concepts, Inc. has provided integrated and stand-alone systems for a variety of businesses, facilities, and unique situations.

Keeping a watchful eye on your business while away or having remote access to multiple buildings from a single location is extremely helpful. TAC can provide your team with real-time access to view cameras locally and remotely.

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Keep your buildings safe with video surveillance.

Improving security by deterring crime is only the beginning. Recording solutions make Video Security an effective tool in crime investigation, providing crucial information to the police and your insurance provider.

Surveillance cameras never fall asleep, providing 24/7 monitoring without the cost of a security crew. Plus, Video Security Systems defend against outside and internal threats, promoting employee efficiency, good customer service, and effective time management. Incorporating analytics into your video surveillance system can alarm you of pre-defined parameters.

Bringing you leading-edge innovations that provide sharper images, remote access, non-centralized recording and storage, distributed intelligence, and integration capabilities, Total Automation Concepts, Inc. serves the best interests of our clients throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

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