Stop Flushing Medical Errors Down the Toilet

We have explored in previous writings how biological systems and human physiology can model elegant solutions for the design and operation of complex hospital buildings, suggesting ideas for non-disruptive alarm signals, mechanical systems monitored by information technology to increase patient … Continued

Survey says? Higher Education Facility Leaders want Energy Efficiency

Aging infrastructure, rising energy costs and reduced budgets are major issues affecting facilities across a multitude of industries. The higher education market is especially impacted as shrinking funding and valuable resources are dispersed to growing student populations. All of these … Continued

Universities studying up on building data analytics

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the nation’s higher education institutions spend $14 billion annually on energy consumption—an expense that continues to rise while their budgets shrink. Universities are expected to be at the forefront of energy sustainability, and … Continued

The Triggers Driving Today’s Data Center Transformations

Anyone involved with managing, building and designing data centers is always looking for ways to be more efficient while still maintaining maximum availability. Incremental improvements in areas like uptime and energy cost reduction are not only desirable, they are expected. … Continued

Energy Data Maximizing The Power Of The Cloud

Internet connectivity and cloud computing have significantly changed what is expected of a traditional smart building system. The application of analytics to the vast quantities of “big data” that can now be stored cost-effectively has created a range of new … Continued

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